Valley County Notice of Defaults continue to decrease!

According to a local title company, the Notice of Default filings in Valley County continue to see sharp decreases.  A Notice of Default (NOD) is a notification given to a borrower stating that he or she has not made their payments by the predetermined deadline. It dictates that if the money owed (plus an additional legal fee) is not paid in a given time, the lender may choose to foreclose the borrower’s property.    In the most recent foreclosure report, NOD’s in Valley County are down a whopping 75% from the same time period in Jan-Aug 2010.  NOD’s are down 31% from this same time last year.  In fact, Tamarack Resort has had only one new NOD filing since February.   Two of the Tamarack properties still currently listed on the updated foreclosure list are ones in which I have offers on working through successful short sales.   To find out any other Tamarack propertis still on the list with a set foreclosure date, contact me directly via my website.      As of today, Tamarack only has one bank owned home available, and by reviewing the foreclosure lists, it’s unlikely we’ll see too many more.