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39 Golden Bar View from Deck-winter

Check out this one bedroom town home sitting right behind the Tamarack Express Chairlift.   With only  8 total one bedroom town homes in the Resort, the lack of competition makes this a great rental property.  This town home is fully furnished and move in ready.   Take advantage of one of the best investment properties in Tamarack Resort and ask for a tour today.   Click on this link for more information: 39 Golden Bar Court

Click on the link below to see new newest edition of the Unique Homes International ad for premier Tamarack Resort Ski and Golf properties, along with Lakefront and Custom Log homes presented exclusively by  Tamarack Realty.

Unique Homes Ad Fall 2014

Selling Season has begun!   One offer accepted and hopefully one more by the end of the week!

Tamarack Homeowners,

Please see below three new candidates that have stepped up to run for the TMA Board positions in which elections will be held at the annual meeting on August 30th. Please visit the website to see the current Board of Director’s Bio’s.   You may vote for the candidate that represents your specific property(s) type.  Class A Cabin includes owners of Cottages, Chalets and Town homes.  Class A Residential includes all Estate, Villa or Custom Chalet developed or undeveloped properties.   As more candidates come forward, I will post their Bio’s on here.  If you cannot attend this meeting, I will be happy to obtain your proxy and vote on your behalf.  It is important we obtain enough votes to reach a quorum.  Since I own both property types, I can proxy both classes.



Julie Hutchinson is a long time Tamarack multiple property owner (since 2005), and also an ex-Tam employee (real estate controller 2005-2008), and would like to represent you on the board. Her college degree is in finance and accounting, and she has worked in her field for 25+ years, in a variety of industries. She and her family reside in Boise, and spend at least 40 weekends a year at Tamarack. She is very interested in the future of Tamarack. Having paid dues for almost 10 years, she has a strong understanding of how these costs affect the satisfaction of ownership.

Challenges we face in the upcoming year will be to:

Form a strong, healthy working relationship with David Papiez and New Trac, as we would all like to meet our expectations within our budget constraints.

Properly separate of BUA/TMA/LOMA monies. As TMA controller, Julie helped separate the TMA funds from the Tamarack LLC general funds, and strongly feels that clear differentiation of funds is necessary.

Examine the prospect of TMA living within their budget based on regular dues, which with the influx of developer dues should be possible.

And finally, to create transparency . Julie well understands the perplexing feelings of home ownership at Tamarack. The more we know and the easier it is to access information, the easier it is to quell speculation and increase homeowner satisfaction.


My name is Beverly Hellman. I am a Cabin Class homeowner in Tamarack, and our Bitterroot Chalet at 71 Twin Creeks Ct. is our primary residence. As this has been our primary residence for 2.5 years, I would like to give back / contribute to our community by running for the Class A Cabin Residential representative to the TMA Board of Directors. I am very interested in representing the interests of you and other Townhome, Cottage and Chalet homeowners. I am therefore asking for your vote, either in person or via proxy, at the TMA Annual Members Meeting on August 30.

A little about me:

My husband, Kent, and I bought our first property in Tamarack during the Whitewater Release in Winter of 2005. Our Golden Bench townhouse was our vacation home from our February 2006 move-in through the time when we made our Bitterroot Chalet our primary residence. We still own an interest in a Golden Bench townhouse.

I am now retired and have the time to devote to TMA Board activities. I believe my background and experiences will allow me to help the Board make sound business decisions that meet the interests of the Tamarack community as a whole as well as those of the Cabin Class homeowners. This experience includes:
I live the majority of the year in Tamarack, know many homeowners and am accessible in the community.
My corporate management experience included responsibilities for budgeting, project financial justification, personnel management, process improvement and customer support.
For 21 years as a Marketing Representative and Systems Engineer with IBM I provided consulting services to clients, helping businesses and governments justify investments in computer hardware, software and business process re-engineering. This included cost/benefit analysis as well as payback period and return on investment analysis. I also helped them apply technology to solve their business problems.
I have taken advantage of many of the services TMA and the Resort have to offer. I ski and golf and have enjoyed rafting and other recreational activities available here. We use TVT for our internet and television services.
As a volunteer, my experience includes:
Board of Directors for the Santa Barbara Westside Boys and Girls Club, helping provide direction and raising funds for programs
Committee member for providing oversight and direction of my church’s Children’s and Youth Ministries programs
Human Resources committee member for my church which includes preparing and managing personnel budgets, planning for employee benefits and interviewing/hiring new employees.
Helping out at the Donnelly Food Pantry that provides food and clothing to those in need in our community.

As your representative to the Board, I would hope to keep open communications with you on TMA Board-related concerns and actions.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at or (805)689-0306.  – Bev Hellman



John Edwards has been attending TMA annual meetings since he (with his wife, Robyn) purchased their first Estate Property at the resort in 2011. John is on site in Tamarack over 100 days each year. Many of you have met John, Robyn and their 3 boys golfing, skiing, biking or hiking at our resort. When not living at Tripod Court, the Edwards family resides 90 miles away in Hidden Springs, Idaho.

A trial lawyer, John has made a career of representing “the little guy” (ordinary people) against large institutions and insurance companies. For 24 years John has practiced personal injury litigation — almost all of them representing regular people against whichever Goliath crosses their path. Oddly enough, it is his desire that the regular people of Tamarack be protected that draws him to seek a position on the board – that is to say that for John protection of the homeowners in their dealings with the TMA is as important as protecting the TMA in its dealings with its own Goliath(s) .
John brings a unique set of skills and knowledge to the board:
He is an excellent communicator, understanding that honest, open communication results in satisfaction in each process. For example, he understands what information is important as well as the importance of how it is presented to those adverse that allows them to justify resolution of disputes.
Over the course of years, he has developed relationships founded on experience and trust with those whom he opposes. Professionally, one of the biggest sources of John’s new clients are the very lawyers and adjustors whom he opposes daily.
John spent 13 years teaching law related courses at Boise State University and uses his teaching and persuasion skills to help adverse parties and companies develop a full understanding of arguments or positions of his clients.
John holds firm to the belief that the vast majority of disputes, when properly presented result in an informed resolution (without litigation).
John’s background provides insight into his approach to helping others. He remains active in his community through memberships and participation in service, youth athletic and professional organizations.
He graduated from Vallivue High School in what was, then, very rural Canyon County, Idaho.
John grew up working in a small, family-owned grocery store in Wilder, Idaho, learning valuable lessons about the importance of honesty, integrity, hard work and giving back to community.
He attended the University of Idaho, graduating after three years in 1984 with a Political Science degree.
John was involved in student government and also active in the Moscow community, coaching little league football and basketball, and serving on numerous other community projects.
John spent three years in Chicago working with a private foundation raising funds for such worthy causes as alcohol awareness education and men’s health issues–topics upon which he frequently lectured.
John attended the University Of San Diego School Of Law where he graduated in 1990 with honors.
John’s focus on individuals and their specific needs provides a unique approach to problem resolution which will benefit both the TMA and its individual members. John comes to the board with no pre-ordained agenda. His training requires that each issue be examined and resolved in the most appropriate way. What John does promise is to be open, available and to handle each issue presented to the board by fully exploring all potential outcomes.




Tamarack Resort officially opened in 2004, and was lauded by national and international media as the most exciting new four-season destination in the United States, providing luxury services, accommodations, and facilities all in the stunning mountains of Central Idaho. Initially, Tamarack was able to exceed expectations and built a resort and real estate product comparable to many well-established resort destinations. The quality of the buildings, the design, the ski product, and the attention to detail was first-class.

The implosion of the US real estate market and arrival of the recession in early 2008, hit Tamarack hard, and foreclosure proceedings were soon filed against the Resort’s original developers by Credit Suisse, which had funded a loan to Tamarack in 2006. The ensuing six years of foreclosure and bankruptcy litigation eventually came to an end on March 10, 2014, when a conglomerate of lenders led by Credit Suisse conducted a sheriff’s sale to foreclose their mortgages on virtually all of the Resort and its assets.

Over the past six years, Tamarack has survived through the involvement of the non-profit Tamarack Municipal Association (TMA), which currently manages the ski mountain and golf course, as well as several for-profit companies that currently manage lodging, real estate resale, and other guest amenities such as the Zipline. The efforts of these organizations have kept life at the Resort and positioned it for resurgence under new ownership.


The conglomerate of lenders that foreclosed on the Resort at the March 10th sheriff’s sale, created a new holding company called New TR Acquisition Company, LLC (or “New TRAC”), to own the Resort and its assets. New TRAC is the successor declarant of Tamarack Resort LLC (TRLLC) and owns all the tangible and intangible property of the former development company with the exception of Village Plaza, four parcels of vacant land originally planned for a Fairmont hotel, the Osprey Meadows Golf Course and the Arling Center. New TRAC has a newly formed Board of Managers comprised of five extremely talented individuals drawn from the real estate and restructuring sectors. New TRAC is represented at the Resort by Project Manager David Papiez who was the former Asset Manager of TRLLC prior to the sheriff’s sale. New TRAC is committed to the success of Tamarack, is investing to restore and grow its operations, and is eager to continue the passion and dedication that the TMA and homeowners exhibited over the past six years.

New TRAC hired Replay Resorts Inc. as Asset Manager to help run the day-to-day operations of the Resort and to provide strategic guidance for future operations and real estate development. Replay was created by the founder and key leaders of Intrawest, which at one time was the largest ski resort operations company in the world. Managing Director David Hill heads up Replay’s engagement at Tamarack and brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience garnered through a 25-year career in resort and real estate development. Replay employees directly engaged on Tamarack include Director of Business Development Yoav Olund, Development Manager Mariana Ishida, and Senior Analysis Eric Chan.


New TRAC and Replay have been busy over the past several months working through a lengthy list of post-sheriff’s sale cleanup items and on short- and long-term goals for the Resort. On the operations side, numerous small projects are currently underway that include painting the Tamarack and Summit Express chairlifts, staining buildings, and repairing the snowmaking system. On the real estate side, four cottages in the Trillium neighborhood have been improved and are currently on the market. Special attention is being given to repairing the retaining walls, drainage system, and road surface in the Trillium neighborhood.

With the Resort long overdue for good news, Replay and New TRAC are working with the TMA to craft a new PR and advertising campaign in preparation for the upcoming ski season, which is right around the corner with opening day slated for mid-December!


New TRAC and Replay are diligently working on various initiatives for the Resort and we invite everyone to visit our website and register to receive up-to-date information.


The lifts are running and the parking lot is filling up nicely!  Click on this link to see the dozens of trails available today via the Tamarack Express Chairlift.   Cost is $50 for Downhill Mountain  Biking all day long.  Tamarack Homeowners get $20 off!   Not feeling adventurous?  $10 gets you a one way lift up for a beautiful hike back down.

Tamarack Mtn Bike Trail Map

mtn bike

One Day Only!  In conjuction with Wild Rockies Racing and Gravity Sports, Tamarack is proud to announce the return of lift services DH mountain biking for one day only on Sunday, August 3rd.  Come explore our IMBA built trails for and experience 4 years in the making.  OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!

WHEN:  Sunday, August 3, 2014   9am-4pm

DETAILS:   $40 (with online registration) get you unlimited rides all day on Tamarack Express for lift serviced mountain biking.  Th following trails be w available”

Pura Vida

Los Azulejos





Chocolate Face

Le Mer De Fleurs


Super G

Dirty Blonde



Smoke Jumper


USA cycling members save $10.  Kids 17 and under $35.  Pre register online at or at Wildhorse Activity Center day of.  For more info:  208-325-1030  or