Good news for the TMA regarding the judge’s ruling on the golf course litigation.  Summary below provided by the Tamarack Municipal Association on October 2, 2015:

Bryant/RSPT vs TMA

On August 4, 2015, the court heard arguments on summary judgment motions. Summary judgment means that the facts are so clear that the judge can decide parts of the case on briefs and affidavits without a trial.

The decision in Bryant/RSPT vs TMA was issued by Judge Winmill on September 30, 2015, on the pending motions.

In summary, TMA prevailed on most issues, and even on the issues where TMA was not given summary judgment in its favor, TMA is in a better position if the matter proceeds to trial. Significantly, TMA is not liable for the approximately $700,000 in annual rent. TMA is not liable for WMG’s property taxes. TMA may be able to prove to a jury that Bryant was enriched by TMA’s stewardship of the golf course. TMA may be able to convince a jury to award Municipal Assessments for some periods when TMA was not a WMG tenant.

Bryant/RSPT made three claims in the complaint. Count 1 was for breach of the holdover lease that charged TMA over $700,000 a year. Bryant moved for judgment in favor of this count. That motion was denied. TMA moved to dismiss this count. TMA’s motion on this count was granted, the court finding that RSPT and Bryant had no legal basis for creating a holdover lease. TMA does not owe rent from the time Bryant allegedly imposed a holdover lease.

Count 2 was for breach of the lease between TMA and WMG, which Bryant alleged she was entitled to enforce based on her allegation that the lease required TMA to pay property taxes. Bryant moved for summary judgment in her favor on this count, and it was denied. TMA moved to have this count dismissed, and TMA’s motion was granted, the court finding that the lease did not require TMA to pay property taxes and TMA did not breach the lease it had with WMG. TMA therefore is not required to reimburse Bryant for WMG’s property taxes.

Count 3 is Bryant/RSPT’s claim for unjust enrichment. Bryant moved for summary judgment in her favor on this count, and this motion was denied. TMA moved to dismiss Count 3, and TMA’s motion was also denied, meaning that the facts needed to reach a decision are not clear enough for a disposition without a jury trial. Accordingly, Count 3 will proceed to a jury trial, unless settled. The court limited Bryant’s unjust enrichment claim to the period after Bryant terminated the leases – after November 1, 2014.

TMA counterclaimed for unjust enrichment on grounds that RSPT enjoyed the fruits of TMA’s stewardship, including TMA’s $48,000/year support for LOMA since 2009. Bryant moved to dismiss TMA’s unjust enrichment claim, and the court denied this motion. TMA’s claim for unjust enrichment will proceed to trial unless settled.

TMA’s second counterclaim was for unpaid municipal assessments, on grounds that Bryant is WMG’s assign and therefore liable for WMG’s unpaid assessments for any WMG properties during times when TMA was not a tenant. Bryant moved to dismiss this counterclaim, and this motion was also denied, and unless settled, this claim will also proceed to trial.

Bryant also asked the court to extend the time for obtaining an expert to provide testimony about the market value of TMA’s lease, and the Judge denied RSPT’s request to obtain its own valuation expert.

New Express Card Allows Guests to Avoid Ticket Windows and Pay For Access
When Scanned at the Chairlift

DONNELLY, ID (September 15, 2015) – Skiers and riders at Tamarack Resort will be able to use new wireless technology this season that provides a customized ticketing option, while also enabling them to bypass the ticket window in search of first tracks.

Along with a slew of recently announced capital improvements, Tamarack has invested in a new ticketing software and the creation of a product called the “Express Card.” The Express Card, once purchased, will allow guests to skip the lift ticket window and go directly to the chairlift. When the card is scanned at the chairlift, guests’ credit cards will be charged, which eliminates waiting in line to purchase a ticket.

The Express Card also fills a personalized niche those who aren’t considering a season pass or already have season passes elsewhere, allowing them to receive a discount revolving around three days of skiing at Tamarack. For the price of a day ticket, guests can purchase an Express Card, which gets them a day on the slopes. Guests can then return to the resort up to two more times and save $10 off the window rate for a day pass without the need to return to a ticket window. Guests just keep the card on their waist and go directly to a chairlift. When the card is scanned at the chairlift, their credit card (which is linked to their Express Card) will be charged.

“The Express Card is a perfect fit for skiers who are looking to save money, but aren’t ready to commit to a season pass, ” says Brad Larsen, General Manager of Tamarack Resort. He continues, “For someone who may only ski one to three times this winter, the Express Card is a great product to access the mountains in a fast and convenient manner.”

Skiers and riders who purchase their Express Card by December 11 can save an additional $10 on the purchase price. The Express Card is available for purchase online at, and once the card is picked up at the resort, there is no need to visit the ticket window again.

This is the latest in a series of multi-million-dollar capital improvements that have occurred at Tamarack Resort since new ownership and management began operating the resort last year.

For more information, check out the video:

Now Screening | Episode 3 | Completing A Neighborhood

In  August, Tamarack Resort unveiled their 2015 Capital Improvement Video Series: a five-part series highlighting recent enhancements to the resort. Today, they are releasing their third video and it is all about investing in neighborhoods.

Tamarack Resort is a place that many people call home, yet some of our original real estate projects have sat idle and incomplete as the years have passed. This year, we brought out the heavy equipment to rebuild infrastructure and complete construction on multiple properties within the Trillium neighborhood. Over $1.7 million was spent to repair roads and retaining walls, beautify common areas with landscaping and irrigation, and complete construction on eight cottages and four townhomes. This slope side neighborhood is now vibrant and active with homeowners and guests that are proud to be part of the Tam Fam.

A new video will be released each Tuesday through September 15. Be sure to check back for next weeks’ announcement.

Click here to watch the video:     Tamarack Resort Real Estate & Construction

We have ‘Tour of Home Specials’ including buyer incentives and price reductions exclusively during this Labor Day Weekend!

Call Trish at 208-573-1489 or email at to find out what properties are offering up to a $10,000 buyer incentive, or nearly $200,000 off their list price!

Tour of Homes:  Sunday, September 6th,  3-5PM

Maps available at Tamarack Realty Office located at 850 Village Drive in Discovery Square

Join the Sports Dome staff for the inaugural  Tamarack Homeowner Winter Fit Night 

This is your opportunity to buy the newest equipment from Rossignol, Blizzard, Tecnica, and Marker Bindings. Learn about the benefits of custom boot fitting and equipment maintenance. Receive discounts on gear, tuning equipment and tunes from Sharper Edge. Last year’s demo equipment will also be on sale. All Home Owners that attend will receive a gift certificate for 50% off one full tune (expires March 27th 2016). Appetizers and refreshments will be provided!

Date: Sunday, September 6, 2015
Time: 5:00pm – 8:00pm
Location: Tamarack Sports Dome

Schedule of Events
5:00pm – 5:15pm Meet and Greet
5:20pm – 7:00pm Tuning and Boot Fitting Clinic
7:00pm – 8:00pm Discussions and Ordering

Bring your skis/board and boots and WIN!
2 people will win a full tune
1 person will win a pair of foot beds
1 person will win a shell fit including boot punch

Receive Discounts on TUNES!
Leave skis and boots and receive a full tune and torque test for only $30 (regular cost $75).

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1 ASTM Binding Test
3 hot wax and edges
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Now Screening: 2015 Capital Improvement Video #2: Expert Terrain
Over the years, underbrush has overtaken some parts of the ski hill and this summer we have reclaimed what is ours! The Tam trail crew sharpened their saws and cleared brush from a few of your favorite trails that include Blaze, Pursuit, Staircase and Tango. This means better access for you and more duration on these challenging trails later in the season. Check out this latest video and stay tuned for next week’s announcement!   Check out the video:

Tamarack Resort Expanding Snowmaking This Summer
The Resort Is Adding 1,800 Feet of New Snowmaking Pipe On High Traffic Terrain

DONNELLY, ID (August 18, 2015) – When skiers hit the slopes at Tamarack Resort this winter, they’ll be skiing on the region’s most reliable snow due to an upgrade in the resort’s snowmaking system.

Tamarack Resort is the closest ski area to the Treasure Valley with snowmaking, and today the resort has announced the installation of 1,840 feet of new snowmaking pipe and five hydrant locations on the Waltz ski trail to make its snowmaking arsenal even larger.

The Waltz ski trail is important terrain for skiers and snowboarders of all ability levels, as it is a major egress route from the top of the popular Tamarack Express chairlift. In low snow years, like the winter of 2014-15, it is difficult to maintain good snow conditions on the Waltz ski trail due to the high amount of skier traffic on the trail. This snowmaking expansion will help ensure good snow coverage on the trail, even when Mother Nature doesn’t deliver natural snowfall.

“Our snowmaking capabilities help make Tamarack’s snow conditions more reliable than resorts without snowmaking,” said Brad Larsen, General Manager of Tamarack Resort. He continues, “This snowmaking expansion on Waltz will truly improve the ski experience for all of our guests for years to come.”

The resort used 8-inch fusion bonded epoxy coated pipe, which has a longer lifespan than just traditional uncoated steel pipe. Additionally, the resort installed 5 water hydrants on the pipe which is where snowmaking employees will access the water and place their snowmaking guns. The resort has a total of 14 snowmaking guns and a water pumping capacity of 1,150 gallons per minute.

Link to Capital Improvement Video Series: Episode #1

Tamarack Resort is a four season resort located in Donnelly, Idaho. Tamarack Resort is the Treasure Valley’s closes mountain resort with snowmaking, which makes the snow conditions more reliable, even when Mother Nature doesn’t deliver. During the summer, the resort is the home to mountain biking, hiking, rafting and watersports on Lake Cascade.